Using CDATA within an MDM Policy

There is a lot written on MDM policy including references to using CDATA. Here is a real life example of a policy ( InternetExplorer\AllowAddons ) written with CDATA vs. encoded: CDATA ENCODED CDATA is much easier to read so if your MDM supports it, obviously you would want to use it. My personal experience is […]

Create a Local Administrator Account

It is common to use a local Administrator account to provide Administrative access for technicians when they are imaging or configuring PCs. It would be bad form, security-wise to leave this type of account in place so it is typically deleted at the end of the build process. If you ever find yourself in a […]

Confirming that MDM Policies have been applied

It is really difficult to feel confident about the move from GPO to MDM Policy, when you don’t know how to confirm that a policy has been successfully applied. I can’t tell you how many times over the past two years, people have raised concerns that they can’t see our MDM policies in the Group […]

Creating WlanXML

Assuming that you are using a Custom Policy, there are two steps to creating the XML to place within the <Data></Data> for the WiFi CSP WlanXML node: Export XML from an existing profile Encode the XML so that it can be processed by the OMA-DM client Export XML from an existing profile If you are […]